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  1. Zond 5’s descent module successfully splashed down in the Indian Ocean at 32 degrees 38 minutes south latitude and 65 degrees 33 minutes east longitude, about 65 miles ( kilometers) from the nearest Soviet tracking ship. Landing time was UT on Sept. 21, , making it a mission lasting 6 days, 18 hours, and 24 minutes.
  2. Zond 5 was launched from a Tyazheliy Sputnik (B) in Earth parking orbit to make scientific studies during a lunar flyby and to return to Earth. En route to the Moon the main stellar attitude control optical surface became contaminated and was .
  3. May 30,  · Zond 5 Source: cowerlarynmewer.amistethumbfuncverrojuboljanecra.cov RSC Energia Published: May 30, ussia's Zond 5 -- carrying an extensive biological payload including two steppe tortoises -- was the first successful circumlunar mission. It carried its biological payload around the moon and returned to Earth. The tortoises survived landing in the Indian Ocean and were returned to.
  4. Zond A prototype of the Soviet crew capsule loops behind the Moon! In September , alarms probably sounded at US intelligence agencies and NASA, as the USSR finally succeeded in flying a crew vehicle prototype around the Moon during the Zond-5 mission. The first ever return of a spacecraft from the lunar vicinity, though only with.
  5. Sep 15,  · Zond 5 was the 11th mission for the UR rocket series and the seventh launch of the URK variant equipped with Black D. A biological payload of turtles, wine flies, mealworms, plants, seeds, bacteria and other living matter was also included in the flight. Additionally, the Russia Academy of Science had informed that in the pilot’s seat.
  6. On 14 September , a modified Soyuz capsule was launched from the Soviet Union. Its mission: to fly beyond the orbit of the Earth and to perform a lunar fly-bys. The mission would last for nearly a week, and would become only the second time that a spacecraft launched from the Earth would reach the Moon.. But what really sets the Zond 5 apart from any other mission is .
  7. The Zond program would expand on those findings. On this day, September 15, in the unmanned Zond 5 (Zond just means “probe”) launched to the moon. Unlike the previous Luna missions, this one would be round-trip: the Zond swung around the moon and headed back to .
  8. Sep 18,  · Zond 5 was simply a last ditch effort at snatching a national victory. If they couldn’t send Yuri Gagarin, they could at least send a Russian tortoise. The mission worked — mostly. On September 21, Zond 5 had a rough re-entry paired with guidance program problems, and it splashed back down in the Indian Ocean instead of Kazakhstan.

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